Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can it really be???

I just looked at the calendar, or maybe it was that I just listened to the commercials blaring at me from the "tube" (NOTE FOR YOUNG READERS: Tube: ancient term understood by humans from a previous millennium)...Sunday is the 4th of July... It can't be! The days fly by - the warm breezes come and go and the summer is half past...

Now you must understand, I have not been comatose...not really, it is just that I have moved down below into the "lower level" (READ: much cooler in the basement to wrangle wool!) The basement felting studio is a wonderful place on a hot summer day, but the days seem to pass more quickly when you live "down below"!

DECISION: 1. I will move my felting frenzy to the backyard in the days to come. 2. I will sit outside at least once a day and listen to the birds... 3. I WILL find some sort of shoreline with water and I WILL submerge these toes!!! (Where oh where is my beautiful ocean view off of Watch Hill, RI!!! I do get homesick for New England...)

Take time to enjoy the Summer Breezes like my latest woolly buddy Max who actually did catch his big fish!!!


  1. i personally am glad you're here!

  2. ...and so am I with great friends like you! :-)