Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can it really be???

I just looked at the calendar, or maybe it was that I just listened to the commercials blaring at me from the "tube" (NOTE FOR YOUNG READERS: Tube: ancient term understood by humans from a previous millennium)...Sunday is the 4th of July... It can't be! The days fly by - the warm breezes come and go and the summer is half past...

Now you must understand, I have not been comatose...not really, it is just that I have moved down below into the "lower level" (READ: much cooler in the basement to wrangle wool!) The basement felting studio is a wonderful place on a hot summer day, but the days seem to pass more quickly when you live "down below"!

DECISION: 1. I will move my felting frenzy to the backyard in the days to come. 2. I will sit outside at least once a day and listen to the birds... 3. I WILL find some sort of shoreline with water and I WILL submerge these toes!!! (Where oh where is my beautiful ocean view off of Watch Hill, RI!!! I do get homesick for New England...)

Take time to enjoy the Summer Breezes like my latest woolly buddy Max who actually did catch his big fish!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Painting with Fiber

Here are a few of my latest pieces...
Amazing fiber...so fun to paint with!!!


Amazement! Joy! FREEDOM!!!
I was rechecking my information for the next shows on my Spring & Summer list and found wonderful news... I actually have absolute freedom until after the 4th of July. What was even more exciting - it actually proved to spur my creative juices... VERY INTERESTING!
So back to the felting table...HAPPILY!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summertime Shows

Finally, a free weekend...my artsy life has been full to the brim with one show after another... This past weekend was the wonderful Westcott Art Trail in Syracuse - wonderful people, crazy weather, great music and food...
This weekend...my Great Blue Heron took flight and went to its forever home - it was like saying good-bye to a child as they leave for college (but no bills accompanying!!!) The lovely lady that chose to take the heron home is from a family of bird lovers that have a special affinity for herons...she stood outside my booth and contemplated my bird...it was a match!
Now to see what other fiber birds find homes this year!