Friday, March 11, 2011

Szozda Gallery - Full Circle

I have been busy as a bee preparing for the opening tonight of the show, Full Circle at the Szozda Gallery in Syracuse. My vessels are part of a three woman show, my wonderful artist friend Linda Esterly recommended me for this event. It is a thrill to be showing my work alongside her amazing collage paintings. Her expression of inner being emanates from each piece.
It was such a thrill to see my vessels on display as Caroline the owner of Szozda was tweaking the lighting to be just perfect. My work in 3D is fairly new, and I am enjoying the challenge of it... it is very evolves beneath my fingers. I perceive a piece and begin and by the time it is completed I see something so very different and exciting! So come to Szozda if you are in the area - the show will be on from now until April 3. I will be doing a felting demonstration at the gallery on Saturday, April 2nd, so if you would like to see how the wool transforms from fluff to art please join us there on the 2nd from 11 to 4.

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